Att Nicolene Lloyd



Nicolene Lloyd is a practicing attorney,​ registered with the Law Society of the Northern Provinces. She runs a boutique commercial law practice and offers services in the fields of Corporate Commercial matters, Company Law, Contracts, Litigation, Mediation and Labour Law.

She holds​ two degrees, a​ Bachelor of Commerce in Law (B.Com Law)​,​ and ​a ​Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree. Her focus is currently on Corporate Commercial law and Corporate Governance and she is enrolled for a degree of Masters in Corporate Law (LLM). She provides ​a range of services​ to a variety of companies, these include Corporate Governance, Board Secretarial and Company Systems.

​For a number of years, Nicolene has been involved in multi-level training initiatives, both in-house and externally. The training content varies from elementary legislation to intricate next level-based​ training.

The most noteworthy companies she is currently part of are Lloyd Attorneys and Diverse Automated Legal Solutions.

Nicolene is a driven and ambitious young attorney, highly skilled in her profession.