Changing the face of tomorrow's leaders

Effecting Change and its partner company, Women Effecting Change, are two vibrant companies established in 2017 with a dream and the passion to create a platform for all leaders in Africa to fast-track their growth and development across all industry spheres.

Our team comprises successful entrepreneurs, dynamic and visionary leaders, and industry experts in a multitude of relevant fields.  Sharing a common purpose, the team strives to facilitate the development of future leaders and entrepreneurs, with a special focus on women and youth.


Effecting Change (Pty) Ltd brings together industry experts and leaders in fields ranging from engineering, human capital development, government, construction, legal, youth development and personal branding.

The combination of this comprehensive collaboration of expertise, has allowed the formation of a company that delivers a range of practical interactive development programmes that cover the full spectrum of skills required for successful leaders today, and beyond.

Naturally powerful communicators, coaches and motivators, our industry experts have consistently built high-performance teams and facilitated personal and business success.


The proficient team at Effecting Change (Pty) Ltd proudly offer innovative and relevant development programmes to allow individuals and teams to thrive and excel in their industries. 

At the core of our programmes is the fundamental belief that the power of the ‘whole person’ needs to be harnessed for real change to take place. We understand that a broad spectrum of skills need to be addressed in the areas that are most critical for YOUR individual success, and our programmes are tailor-made FOR your industry BY experts in your industry.  This will allow for your greatest dreams to be realised.

Join one of our dynamic programmes to become part of this revolution of leaders – changing the face of tomorrow’s leaders in Africa and the world!



To be the premier African company leading the global market in practical and holistic people education and development by 2023.


Turning challenges into opportunities by providing a range of ground-breaking, holistic development solutions and practical tools that contribute to the rise of successful and inspiring leaders through:

  • self-discovery and self-awareness,
  • enhancing understanding and application of core skills in all business environments and industries,
  • aligning ‘who you are’ with what you aim to achieve in life,
  • interacting with and learning from successful and experienced mentors and coaches.


  • Passion for developing people’s strengths
  • Integrity and transparency
  • Empowering people, particularly women and youth
  • Delivering quality products and services
  • Investing in the growth and transformation of people, business and communities
  • Aim for a ‘win-win’ approach in all our interactions to encourage gain for everyone